The Last Truth (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online, Release Date, Trailer, Story & More

The Last Truth (2020) is an upcoming web series releasing on OTT platform Hotshots Digital. In this post, you will know about The Last Truth (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Watch Online & More.

The Last Truth (Hotshots) Cast/ Actress Name

Virinda Desai

Virinda Desai is playing the famale lead role in this web series. Her acting skills are so good. You will become her fan after watching this web series.

Bonny D’suza

Bonny is playing the Villain role in this web series.

Allaudin Shaikh

Allaudin shaikh is also playing a significant role in this web series.

The Last Truth (Hotshots) Story/Plot

Maya is happily married to Malik, they are trying to have a baby together. One day Malik finds pregnancy Kit in the washroom tested positive and gets too excited as after 5 years of trying to be a father God fulfilled his wish.

Nevertheless, he knew that fate will play another game with him. On Valentine’s day, he decides to surprise Maya and break the news that he knows she was pregnant as his curiosity was increasing as to why Maya has not told him about being pregnant.

He told Maya that he will be traveling, but that was part of his plan. He buys her a gift and was the happiest man that day.

But the tables turned when his surprise was shattered as Maya gave him the most shocking surprise in bed with another man called Purushottam, destroyed by the thought he yet may not be a father he chooses a fatal path. ( Story Credit:- Hotshots Digital)

The Last Truth (Hotshots) Trailer

Trailer is released, Watch below. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Last Truth (Hotshots) Release Date

11 September 2020 – This web series is going to live on hotshots app on 11 september, 2020.

The Last Truth (Hotshots) Full Episodes Watch Online

You can watch this web series on Hotshots Digital website or there mobile application.

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