The Interview (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online, Release Date, Story, Trailer

The Interview (2020) is an upcoming web series releasing on Hotshots Digital. In this post, You will know about The Interview (Hotshots) Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Release Date, Trailer, Watch Online and More.

The Interview (Hotshots) Cast/Actress Name

Ruks Khandagale

Ruks Khadagale is playing the lead role in this web series. Read her full Biography, Web series list Here.

Zohra Mughal

Zohra Mughal is another lead actress of this web series.

Ankit Raj

Ankita Raj is playing the lead role of male side in this web series.

The Interview (Hotshots) Trailer

Currently Teaser is available, We will update as soon as we get the trailer. Stay tuned.


The story of The Interview (Hotshots) based on two girls who offer job to 2 guys to just fulfill there needs.

To get there job, Guys goes to another extent. How Girls uses them and what happens next. It is must watch to know about twist and turns.

So get ready for your fantasies and expectations. This web series is a must watch.

The Interview (Hotshots) Release Date

25 August 2020

This web series is all set to release on 25 August 2020.

The Interview (Hotshots) Watch Online

Available on – Hotshots App and Website

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