Soulmate (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online, Release Date, Trailer & More

Soulmate (2020) is an upcoming web series releasing on OTT Platform Hotshots Digital. In this post, You will know about Soulmate (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Story/Plot, Release Date, Trailer, Watch online and more.

Soulmate (Hotshots) Cast/Actress Name

Arohi Barde

Arohi Barde is the main famale lead actress of this web series. Her role is bold and beautiful.

Akshit Batra

Akshit is the male lead actor of this web series.

Kabita Mothey

Kabita Mothey is also playing a significant role in this web series.

Soulmate (Hotshots) Story/Plot

The story revolves around a guy named Rohan who had recently broken up with his girlfriend Kajal. Being sad and depressed he is destroyed morally and mentally and has nothing to live for.

He consumes high quantities of alcohol and drugs and goes unconscious, when he wakes up his close friend Diksha is sitting by him and taking care of him as she found him in a terrible state.

Curfew is announced in the nation for 21 days due to the pandemic, and Diksha spends 21 days with Rohan and the end up it a hot passionate relationship making love to each other the entire time.

On the 22nd day, the doorbell rings, and his ex Kajal is at the door pleading him to take her back and she could not stay without him Rohan doesn’t hesitate to take her back into his life, One hearing this Diksha feels used and disappointed and says that men will never change. (Credit: Hotshots Digital)

Soulmate (Hotshots) Trailer

Soulmate (Hotshots) Trailer

Soulmate (Hotshots) Release Date

15 September 2020

This web series is going to release on 15 September 2020.

Watch Online/Availability

You can Watch hotshots web series Soulmate on Hotshots Digital website and app.

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