Rasmalai (Kooku) Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Release Date, Watch Online, Story & More

Rasmalai (2021) is an upcoming web series releasing on OTT platform Kooku. In this post, you’ll know about Rasmalai Web series Cast, Actress Name, Story/Plot, Release and Watch Online.

Rasmalai (Kooku) Web Series Cast

Shanaya Ans

Rasmalai web series actress name

Shanaya Ans is playing the lead role in this web series. Her role is a glamour’s which attracts the audience to watch the show. Her natural acting is also loved by the audience.


Kapil is playing Shanaya’s husband in this web series.


Rajita is playing the role of A character (Boss) wife which is showed as antagonist.


Nishan is playing the role of antagonist who is boss of lead characters who ultimately win in his plan.

Rasmalai (Kooku) web series Story/Plot

The story of Rasmalai web series is revolves around an office surrounded with lot of hectic and problems. The boss is very creepy who has an eye on one of girl working in his office.

The girl slams her boss lot of times. Also the boyfriend of girl fight with boss and slaps him. Then they get married.

On the other side, Boss is planning to take revenge from both. So he along with his wife made a plan and trap that girl husband.

Then extra marital affair started and boss indulge with girl and he took his revenge. Can they forgive each other after knowing the truth or they decide to separate?

To know that, you must watch this web series.

Rasmalai (Kooku) web series Trailer


Rasmalai (Kooku) Web series Release Date

Rasmalai is going to release on 19th January, 2020.

Watch Online – All Episodes

You can watch all episode of Rasmalai web series Online on Kooku App or on there Website.

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