Love & Lust (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online, Release Date, Story, Trailer

Love & Lust is an upcoming web series releasing on OTT Platform Hotshots digital. In this post, You will know about Love & Lust (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Watch Online and More.

Love & Lust (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name

Akshita Agnihotri

Akshitaa Agnihotri is playing the role of Riya in this web series. She is playing a lead role in the web series.

Nidhi Mahawan

Nidhi Mahawan is playing a significant role in this web series.

Aashi Roy

Aashi Roy is also playing a main character in this web series.


Rishab is also playing a main role in the web series.

Krishna Mishra


Love & Lust (Hotshots) Trailer

Love & Lust (Hotshots) Trailer

Trailer is available now, Watch by click the video above.


The story of this web series revolves around 2 best friends Riya and Ashmita. They live together and inovolves in a strong relationship.

When Ashmita invites her friend Rishi, them sudden twist came in the story. Riya indulges with Rishi in many ways. They started love making with each other.

But when Ashmita Sees them, She got panic attack. Now what is going to happen to next is binge watch.

Love & Lust (Hotshots) Release Date

Expected 30 August, 2020

Watch Online Full/All Episode/s

Available on – Hotshots Digital App & website

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