I Bet (Hotshots) Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online, Release Date, Trailer and More

I Bet is a 2020 hotshots web series releasing on OTT Platform hotshots digital. In this post, You will know about I Bet (Hotshots) cast, actress name, Trailer, Release Date, Story, Watch Online and more.

I Bet (Hotshots) Cast/Actress Name

Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur is playing the lead role in this web series. Her role is bold and beautiful. You will love her acting. Read her full biography here.

Rohan Verma

Rohan verma is playing the lead male role in this web series.

Sahib Aazil Bedil

I Bet (Hotshots) Story/Plot

A couple is in a live in relationship, the guy is from a well to do background and hence knowing the truth his girlfriend maintains an abusive relationship with him so that the luxuries are taken care of.

One fine day the boyfriend challenges his girlfriend for a game in which the loser has to do whatever the winner asks.

The girlfriend loses the challenge and she is asked to order a cake and doing crazy in front of the delivery boy, whilst doing the same she will have to record the entire act.

Upon hearing this the girlfriend at first resists to do such a thing however she is taken aback when her boyfriend threatens to leave her if she doesn’t complete this challenge.

Fearing the loss of a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle the girlfriend agrees to it and builds a plan of her own.

Watch “I Bet” to find out what exactly the girlfriend plans when the cake delivery boy arrives at her doorstep for delivery. (Story Credit:- Hotshots Digital)

I Bet (Hotshots) Trailer

I Bet (hotshots) Trailer

Release Date

4 September 2020

The web series is going to release on 4 September 2020.

Watch Online Full Web Series

Available on Hotshots Digital Website and App

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