Bhaiya Ki Biwi (Kooku) Cast, Actress Name, Trailer, Story, Release Date

Bhaiya Ki Biwi is an upcoming Web Series releasing on OTT Platform Kooku. In this post, You will know about Kooku Web Series Bhaiya Ki Biwi Cast, Actress Name, Trailer, Story, Release Date, Watch Online and More.

Bhaiya Ki Biwi Cast/Actress Name

Rashmita Swain

Rashmita Swain is playing Sister-in-law in this web series. (If you want to read Full wiki of Rashmita Swain pls comment down below we’ll add the page within 24 hours)

Anmol Qureshi

Anmol Qureshi has also significant role in this web series.

Bhaiya Ki Biwi Trailer

Watch Bhaiya ki Biwi Trailer on Youtube.

Bhaiya Ki Biwi Story/Plot

The story of this web series will be romantic drama, which is based on Couple’s life and there extra M-affair. How they will handle the situation when there truth revealed. Watch full web series to know that.

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Release Date

21 August, 2020

Bhaiya Ki Biwi (Kooku) Watch Online

Available on Kooku App

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